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LMAC Board of Governors February 22, 2014 Meeting Minutes

posted Mar 3, 2014, 9:57 AM by Terry Lampton

Lutheran Mission Action Council

16A E. Michigan St.

Evansville, IN 47711


Pursuant to proper notice, the annual meeting of the Lutheran Mission Action Council was held at the Lutheran Community Outreach Center on Saturday, February 22, 2014, 8:30 AM CST.  13 members were present.  Attendance list is attached.


Because of the illness of President Albert Umbach, Vice President Terry Lampton presided and call the meeting to order.  Rev. David Wiist opened the meeting with prayer.  The minutes of the August 17, 2014 meeting were distributed.  The minutes were corrected to show the proper date of August 17, not October 17.  The minutes were amended and Jim Kahre moved they be approved as amended, Pastor Wiist seconded the motion, and the minutes were approved unanimously.


Treasurer Jim Kahre distributed the treasurer’s report.  Mr. Kahre pointed out the P&L statement shows a negative balance of $8,571.69 that indicates our income was not sufficient to cover our expenses.    He commented that a non-cash item of depreciation of $12,883.12 enabled us not to have to take from our cash reserves to cover our expenses.  We did have account 5310 Interest Income $3,629.72 that was quite helpful in meeting our expenses.  We do need to make an effort to raise funds from our present and additional constituency to increase our income to meet ever increasing needs to do ministry.  The report was filed for audit through a motion by Jim Kahre to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Pastor Wiist and unanimously approved.


The Chinese ministry report was distributed as Pastor Paul was attending a retreat in Staunton, IL with the Chinese youth of the congregation.  Highlights of the report included 13 baptisms, 14 adults became communicant members, average attendance is 37 for worship service, adult Bible class attendance 18.  A late Sunday evening catechism class at Our Saviour Lutheran Church  is 8.  The 2nd annual Labor Day retreat was held at Camp Wartburg in Illinois.  The full report is attached.


LCOC Food Pantry report was given by Jim Greenwell, Director.  11.700 patrons were served  in 2013.  St. Paul’s congregation continues to send contributions to eradicate the debt carried over from the conversion from St. Paul’s food pantry to the LCOC food pantry.  This will end in September 2014 when the debt is fully paid.  The need for funding will remain great as the federal food stamp program has been decreased along with a drop in government commodities support.  Rev. Robert Schneider has spoken with his member, Mr. Andy Gallmeister, concerning his becoming active in the funding of the pantry.  Mr. Gallmeister has agreed to work with our funding group and we will meet with him to give him the needed information he will need for this position.  Devotions are held at each food pantry opening with Pastor Kieser leading on the 1st Tuesday of each month, Rev.Wiist leading on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  We are grateful for the Pastoral participation.


Pastor Kieser reported the Higher Things weekend in 2014 will be held November 7-8.  The retreat begins at 7 PM on Friday and concludes at 3 PM on Saturday.  LMAC will continue its’ support of the retreat with a $500 grant to assist in defraying some of the cost.


Pastor Wiist reported the Concordia Disability program includes worship services at Easter Seals and ARC for challenged adults and staff members at these institutions.  They will also sponsor a day camp at Concordia for approximately 30 challenged adults this year.  Volunteers are needed at the day camp to provide meals.  LMAC will provide $200 to purchase resource materials for the camp. 


Additional funding activity for LMAC may include a Bible Trivia Night and additional contacts by mail and e mail to our present and new patrons to provide for adequate funding of the ministry.


Pastor Schneider, East Circuit Counselor, reported the IN District will not sell the Shepherd of Paradise property in Newburgh.  They will engage a caretaker for the property  to protect the church, home, and property as they determine a future suitable use for this excellent property.

New business – Election of officers was held.  The current officers, Albert Umbach, President, Terry Lampton, V. President, Jim Kahre, Treasurer, Don Diekmann, Secretary, have agreed to another one (1) year term.  Pastor Wiist moved to close nominations, seconded by Jim Greenwell.  The motion was approved unanimously and the current officers were re-elected by approval.


Seminars will be planned for this year at the LCOC.  The Marriage retreat was well received and attended.  Rev. Tom Wenig will be invited to lead a seminar this year on care of the environment using data from the book he has authored and has been published.


A new newsletter, The LMAC Concord, will be published quarterly and sent by email to an established mailing list and to all LCMS congregations.  Terry Lampton has been instrumental in putting the newsletter together.  Kathy Stroyeck will be the Editor.


The 2014 budget for LMAC was presented.  The budget totals $50,626.  Don Diekmann discussed the various items in the budget and moved it be accepted.  Rev. Dr. Noland seconded the motion and the budget was adopted unanimously.ighlights included 13 baptismaqH


Dr. Ray Nicholson announced and handed out flyers that a Disaster Planning day will be held March 15 9 AM to 1 PM at Our Saviour Lutheran Church.  He encouraged the churches to publicize this event and encourage attendance at the event.  A Health Fair will be conducted on April 9, 2-6 PM at the LCOC with special emphasis made to get participation from the Jacobsville Neighborhood.  Lead testing will be provided as this neighborhood has the highest incidence of lead contamination in the city.


There being no further business, Rev. Schneider led a closing prayer and the Lord’s Prayer was spoken in unison.


Respectfully submitted,



Don Diekmann




Terry Lampton,
Mar 3, 2014, 9:57 AM