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Lutheran Mission Action Council - February 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes

posted Feb 19, 2011, 9:40 PM by Terry Lampton

Lutheran Mission Action Council

Annual Meeting February 12, 2011



The annual meeting of the Lutheran Mission Action Council, pursuant to proper notice, was held February 12, 2011, 8:30 AM CST, at the Lutheran Community Outreach Center, 16 E. Michigan St., Evansville, IN 4771.  14 members were present.  President Albert Umbach called the meeting to order.  Rev. Dr. Michael Paul conducted the opening worship, prayer, and a power point about the Chinese Ministry to be conducted in the LCOC building.


The minutes of the August 28, 2010 meeting were distributed.  It was announced LMAC’s web site is available and continues under construction.  A clean up document has been established for use of the building as an attachment to the contract each person using the building signs prior to the event.  The motion to approve the minutes, approve the clean up addendum, and note the web site was offered by Rev. Wenig, seconded, and unanimously approved.


Treasurer Greenwell distributed the Profit and Loss statement and the Balance sheet for the year 2010.  A letter from Luther Village Trust outlining the pay back agreement of $35,000 to the Trust is attached to identify the line item to be added to the Balance Sheet to show this debt.  The statements will be filed for financial review.  Mr. Greenwell informed the meeting that 2011 will be the final year that St. Paul will provide funding to the food pantry.   January 1, 2012, St. Paul’s will transfer approximately $30,000 to the LMAC food pantry account for future funding use for the pantry.  Mr. Greenwell  has developed a formula for bill back to our tenants  for their share of the cost of utilities, internet, phone, and TV access charges on a bi-monthly basis.  The counseling center has given LMAC $1,000 in advance of the bill back for payment on these charges.


Old business – the EPA has sent us their official notice they will dig up approximately 1/3 of our front yard and replace the contaminated soil in that area of our property.  The grass and plants removed will be replaced by the EPA.  A letter to the 15 circuit congregations was distributed.  This letter asks for financial support and for the congregation to appoint their LMAC representative.  The letter was approved  and will be sent  out in the first quarter of 2011.  It was recommended the LCOC be a resource center for the circuit congregations to assist them where a need is found.


New business – election of officers for 2011 was held. Officers presented for election were President Albert Umbach, V. President Terry Lampton, Treasurer Jim Greenwell, Secretary Don Diekmann.  There were no other nominations from the floor.  Kay Matheny moved nominations be closed, motion was seconded and approved unanimously.    A joint reformation service will be held with Trinity Darmstadt to be requested to host this service.  Visits by LMAC officers to each circuit congregation will be made.  An information board will be left with each congregation that will be updated with quarterly information sent by LMAC to the congregation.  A transition committee for the food pantry has been established.  The members are George Hofmann, Redeemer, Vivian Ruff, Trinity Darmstadt,  Bill Badger, Shepherd of Paradise,  David Nicholson or his representative, Trinity Evansville,  Jim Greenwell and Martha Byer, St.  Paul’s.  Jim Greenwell will be chairman of this committee.  Terry Lampton and other members to be appointed  will prepare a revision of the LMAC constitution for future approval that updates the old constitution.


There being no further business, the meeting was closed with prayer by Rev. David Wiist.


Respectfully submitted,



Don Diekmann

LMAC Secretary


Attachments:  Agenda, attendance register, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet for 2010, Letter from Luther Village Trust, proposed ltr to congregations,  facility usage cleanup guidelines