Evansville Lutheran Family Counseling, Inc.
ELFC Information:
Individuals of every faith or no faith are welcome.
We see people of all ages: children 4-12, teenagers 13-19, adults 20 - 80+
Our licensed, professional therapist can help with:
Depression and Grief
Anxiety and Fears
Panic Attacks
Disharmony in marriage or with children or family members
Divorce recovery
Anger management
Various addictions and/or life choices
Pre-marital counseling
Past and/or present abuse issues
Confidence or shyness difficulties
Coping with an ill or dying spouse, parent or child.
If the client wishes, prayer and Scripture can be included during the sessions.
If anyone is hurting emotionally, we can help.
ELFC Mission Statement:

    The purpose and ministry of Evansville Lutheran Family Counseling is to share the light and Wisdom of God's Love and direction to ALL who seek our mental health counseling.