Lutheran Community Food Pantry

Thanks to the leadership of James Greenwell and many dedicated volunteers, the Lutheran Community Food Pantry (LCFP) has grown from its humble beginnings out of a closet at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, to become one of the largest food pantries in Evansville. It was this growth and the fact that the food pantry was operating out of the same building as the Evansville Lutheran School that challenged LMAC to provide a better solution. In 2010, the Lutheran Community Outreach Center (LCOC) was built at 16 E. Michigan St. to accommodate this and other outreach missions under one roof, with the LCFP becoming an LCMS Community Mission.

The LCFP distributes food from 9:30 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. every first and third Tuesday of the month. Each year the LCFP gives away more than 250,000 pounds of food worth about $475,000 to about 3,725 families, or 131,000 meals. Each distribution is worth about $20,000. Only volunteers operate the food pantry. There are many days and times, in addition to the Tuesdays when food is distributed, that volunteers are needed. Jim says, “Please come and visit during operational hours, and see for yourself what is happening. The pantry is flexible with volunteer schedules.”

From the very beginning, it has not just been about providing food for the needy. The food pantry has also always provided an opportunity to share God’s Word. That continues today with a Bible Study for those wanting to attend, conducted by LCMS Pastor from 8:45 to 9:15 before the food distribution. Religious materials, NIV Bibles, and large print Portals of Prayer are also made available. In addition, there is a sign-up sheet where clients can request prayers for themselves and/or their families and friends. Many of our churches pray for these individuals during Sunday Services.

Presently funding and non-perishable food for the LCFP is provided by our Lutheran Churches and organizations, other local churches, national companies, regional wholesalers, local businesses, Federal Commodities Programs (USDA), Tri-State Food Bank, grocery stores, bakeries and - most importantly -people like you. Without the use of all of these, the amount of food distributed and the number of people helped could not continue.
To support this amazing outreach please either contribute through your church or send your tax-deductible contributions directly to the Lutheran Community Food Pantry.

To volunteer or get more information, please contact Jim Greenwell at or call 812-867-1470.