St Paul's Chinese Mission

The Chinese Mission at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was begun in 2011. Currently, the Chinese speaking ministry reaches numerous families, including children, from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. An average of 35-40 people worship at the Lutheran Community Outreach Center each Sunday morning at 10:30. So far, 25 people have been baptized (12 adults and 13 children or infants) and there are 26 communicant members.

On Sunday, February 27, 2011, Reverend Dr. Michael Paul was installed as Associate Pastor – Missions, with focus on outreach to the Chinese community in Evansville. Pastor Paul has served as a missionary, church planter and seminary professor at LCMS sites in Asia. He attended Concordia, Seward for 3 years, transferred to Southern Illinois University, Carbondale (where he graduated with a BA in Linguistics), and earned the MDiv and PhD degrees from Concordia Seminary, St Louis.  Pastor Paul and his wife Irene have three children – Rachel, Jonathan, and Elizabeth.

In September 2014 Pastor Paul accepted a call from the LCMS Board of International Missions to serve as a Missionary -Theological Educator in Asia. He and his family will be visiting congregations to develop a support network until they move to Asia in the summer of 2015. If you or your congregation would be interested in supporting the Pauls, contact Pastor Paul at the email address below.

On September 20, 2015, Pastor Tich Luu was Installed at St. Paul’s as Associate Pastor—Missions with focus on outreach to the Chinese community in the Evansville area.

He was born of Chinese parents in the Vietnamese city of Cholon. His parents enrolled him in a Chinese school because they wanted him to learn the Chinese language and more of its culture. This is where he learned to speak the Chinese dialects of Cantonese and Mandarin.

In 1978, Tich Luu left Vietnam. After an arduous journey, he was admitted to the United States in 1979. He was sponsored by the Lutheran Social Service and Lutheran Church of St Andrew, located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

In 1989, he met Michelle, a native of Taiwan, in California. After a brief engagement, the couple was married.

In May 1990, Pastor Luu earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from Concordia University, located in Mequon, Wisconsin, and became a Certified Lay Minister. In 1995, Pastor Luu earned a Masters of Divinity at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis and was ordained, one month later, at St. Andrew.

Soon after his ordination, he moved to New York, where he served as Pastor of True Light Lutheran Church in Manhattan.

In August 2000, he was called to serve as Assistant Pastor of Our Savior Lutheran Church and Lutheran Student Center,  Carbondale, Illinois. In April 2005, Pastor Luu, once again, was called to move, this time to Rockville, Maryland, where he served as Associate Pastor and directed the Chinese Outreach Ministry for the Lutheran Church of the Cross.

Pastor Luu accepted the call to serve Messiah Lutheran Church in Germantown, Maryland as Associate Pastor and Mission Developer on July 26th, 2011.   

Upon arrival in Evansville, Pastor Luu found a congregation, thanks to Pastor Paul, well founded in Christian principles as taught by Martin Luther and the LCMS.  He is excited to be here and continue with established programs such as the monthly potluck and Chinese language school for the children.  He states the Chinese community in the Evansville area consists of 300 – 500 individuals.

Pastor Luu’s focus is the spiritual/faith life of those he meets at the community activities.  He schedules personal visits for one-on-one conversations in order to answer faith questions and establish personal relationships. 

Pastor Luu hopes to establish an English as Second Language (ESL) program.  His wife, Michelle, is a certified ESL instructor with over 10 years of experience teaching immigrant families.  He stated that in addition to learning English, immigrants need a connection to the local community.  Citizenship assistance and other needs can be addressed once a relationship has been established.

Their extended family resides in Maryland, Virginia, California, and Taiwan.


              Pastor Tich Luu